Tavanir Holding Company takes the responsibility of protection and optimised profiling
of electric power industry foundations, which are considered as national assets. It also
accomplishes the affairs in regard to planning, coordination, authorization and assessment.


Tavanir Holding Company supervises a number of subsidiary companies as below:

• 16 regional electric companies are involved in generation and transmission of reliable
electricity throughout the country.

• 39 power distribution company are responsible to put into operation and maintain the
distribution network of the country.

• 34 power generalion management companies supply the electricity demanded .

• Iran Grid Management Company is responsible for holding and monitoring of generation
and transmission system, as well as managing and development of electricity market,
whole purchase and selling of electricity both within and outside of the country, provision
of access to the electric network for governmental and non-governmental applicants
for purchasing, selling and transiting electricity.

• Iran Power Development Organization and Iran Power Plant Projects Management
Company. which equip thermal power plants of the national network by using local,
national and International contractors.

• Iran Renewable Energy organization (SUNA) is in charge of installation and expansion
of Renewable power units by using national and International contractors.

• Iran Energy Efficiency Organization (SABA) puts forward practical solutions in order
to provide optimal operation and efficiency of using energy sources especially in electricity
form .



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